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1 Kim Chang welding environment requirements?
A: dry clean. Altitudes not exceeding 2500 meters, well-ventilated, the grid voltage stability, power three-phase equilibrium.
2 requires regular maintenance customers what is meant?
A: Regular use of high pressure air blowing ventilation duct, replacement of axial cooling fans.
3 stainless steel and carbon steel welding method using carbon dioxide technical problems?
A: depends on what you use wire, cored wire and solid wire is divided into two. If the solid argon with 95% --- 5% carbon dioxide gas.
    If drug use carbon dioxide gas to heart wire. E309LT1-1 flux cored wire with a solid wire with ER309L.
4 sheet metal welding welding defects which often occur? How to deal with?
A: The most common is the burn, bad weld. The most troublesome is the sheet metal welding deformation. The first two because the board is too thin, poor control of welding parameters, large current on the burn, weld parameters not bad. Deformation of sheet metal is more serious, because the uneven weld heat input, resulting in deformation after welding can be reduced through the use of a small parameter heat input, using a small heat input welding methods, such as hand soldering, welding of carbon dioxide. Welding welding method using segmented back, from the middle to both sides of the symmetry as welding, soldering pre-board before the anti-deformation. Post-weld heat treatment method used to eliminate stress, with the use of mechanical methods arch flat arch flat.
5 What is duty cycle? Our welding duty cycle is the number?
A: The duty cycle refers to the welding load capacity, the general working time with full output divided by the working time and rest time and percentage. We welder Duty rate of 60%, special products 100%.

6 Kim Chang welding current digital display default. Voltage is? Welding current voltage is?
A: The default current voltage is adjusted in advance to set the welding current voltage.
    Welding current when the voltage is the actual welding current voltage.
7 from the arc current and thrust current mean? What is their role?
A: arc current in the electrode contacts the workpiece moment of time, the emergence of a large number of welding current than the current, its role is anti-sticking electrode. Current thrust is in the process of welding, welding too close from the workpiece, the emergence of a much larger than the current welding current, electrode melting rate accelerated to prevent sticking electrodes.
8 What is the welding machine from overheating? Overvoltage. Undervoltage protection is what? Specific value is how much?
A: The thermal protection is welded components within the operating temperature is too high, stop at the output of a welding method of protection. Overvoltage. Undervoltage protection means high or too low when the voltage output of a welding method of protection to stop. Overheat protection temperature: high temperature heat sink 80 ° C, over-voltage. Undervoltage. Protection voltage of: 480V-320V.
9 Troubleshooting manual welding: boot normally, the fan switch, QC red light does not shine, no welding current output.
A: Check the fastening cable, check and replace (Z24 whether the drive waveform), check the tightening output.
10 boot normally, but a work of unusual instructions on the bright red light, no welding current output?
A: Check the board to the shunt connection on the board, not narrowed, check CA3140-related part of the circuit.