Theory and exploration

Kim Chang-establish and implement a shared fully satisfied customer management system designed to promote a "customer-centric" culture. Company to the customer on the operation of the center, so that the customer needs to guide the company's decision-making, the core is based on the company's new operating standards and values, that is, all values are fully defined by the customer.
The face of multinational companies on the market squeeze, and domestic enterprises in the fierce competition, in order to further expand market share, and create greater value for customers, Chang Jin enjoy working in the areas of strength, that inverter industry, to further improve the competitiveness . Specific performance of the client, is to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce churn, increase brand loyalty effect.
To this end, Chang Jin enjoy for many years pursued to deepen and improve customer satisfaction measurement and related research. Over the years, Kim shared Chang dig the customer's product and service quality perceptions, price sensitivity, brand experience and other aspects of experience, in time to capture the dynamic voice of the customer, actively looking for gold to enjoy Chang in the products and services in the short board, continuous improvement, constantly enhance customer satisfaction and creating customer loyalty. Chang Kim enjoy the "five satisfaction" the ultimate goal of governance for the company, that customer satisfaction, government satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, employee satisfaction, supplier satisfaction. Performance of the company in which customer satisfaction as the most important part is the prerequisite for the realization of other related Fangli Yi.
"The perfect combination of quality and price" is the golden share Chang's long-term mission and social responsibility. Jin Chang will enjoy long-term commitment to provide customers with the industry's best quality and best price, in order to continue to meet customer expectations, to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Kim Chang always enjoy that "the customer determine our future." Future period of time, gold will continue to deepen shared Chang operating system complete customer satisfaction, innovation and continuous improvement through the process, Kim Chang-sharing inverter will truly become a leader, to bring more value to customers and let them enjoy the perfect combination of quality and price the product.