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Shenzhen Jinhengchang Technology Co.,Ltd  was Established in 1996,located in Baoan district,Shenzhen,China. Through 17 years of R&D effort, Jinhengchang has become the leader in manufacturing inverter welder and cutter and integrated automatic welding equipment system.

By May 2010, over 1 million inverter welders have been sold by Jinhengchang, making Jinhengchang one of the major welding machine manufacturer in the world. Despite the rapid growth of the company, Jinhengchang strives to give back to the society by going green. As our production of inverter welding machines consumes less copper and steel compared to traditional welding machines, we have reduced the release of CO2 every year by about 800,000 metric tons.
Our company makes full use of modern high technology, advanced research and development, and set up a core value system of Jinhengchang. Therefore, Jinhengchang has got good reputation in society.

Jinhengchang has set up a  R&D co-operational relationship with domestic and foreign companies in the welding industry, as well as some research academies and institutions, and clients, to achieve the higher goal of “market-oriented, quality-centered”, making Jinhengchang a famous global brand.

The sales and service network of Jinhengchang has reached all over the world. All of our products got certificates of  CCC, CE, ROHS etc.Our customer services comes in a full package, including pre-sales, during the sales and post-sales services, as well as offering complete welding and cutting solutions.