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Sixteenth Essen stunning debut will be Kim Hyung Chang
Author:jhc    Time:2011-06-13

2-5 June 2011, Shanghai New International Expo Centre E3-262 Hall, crowded, exhibition visitors flocked to close up: Kim Hyung Chang inverter welding machine to be married as the bride, dressed in red, adorable, eye-catching LOGO people love at first sight, the venue next to a red car models car is pocketed the eye, the host of on-site chair joined Kim Chang drove home the whole venue to a climax, Kim Hyung Chang welder as a dark horse, proudly overlooking the the pack, transparent case shows the high standards of production process, it is unforgettable, brand enjoys popular support, dealers frequently joined, the welding industry to applaud the excellent Kim Hyung Chang, Kim Chang-who believe that we will be />