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(JHC)Love twilight donate - do not fall in Yushu, Qinghai Evergreen
Author:jhc    Time:2011-03-24

Yushu County in Qinghai Province, the earthquake broke the morning quiet. Suddenly, overturning houses, rubble everywhere, this moment, Yushu is crying! Qinghai is crying! China is crying! Sudden disaster caused huge casualties. According to the latest report, with the rescue work in depth, the number of victims will increase further. Currently, rescue work is facing manpower, material, financial and other aspects of the severe shortage of the special geographical location, making the rescue work more difficult. Earthquake no mercy, in the face of disaster, every Chinese people should unite and join hands with compatriots in the disaster area with the storm. Here, we advocate: let us, to our compatriots Lend a helping hand, bit by bit, together with the power of love, with truth Build hope!