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(JHC)Company's management team debut Wutongshan
Author:jhc    Time:2011-03-10

"A difficult one, P Plus support"
"Support the disaster areas, so we offer a modest power."
Willing to Yushu strong! Qinghai strong! China strong!
Kim Chang Technology Co., Ltd. dedicated staff person to hit a modest force.
5.1 Labor Day - we have been longing for, and perhaps the people working in Shenzhen, the heart, also have been looking forward to the holiday, work long, finally retired and sit rest of it.

5-1 Before the advent of mountaineering activities we prepared the gift, to buy their favorite snacks, with joy, with excitement.

This day we wake up early, perhaps because emotion and excitement, we get up early, all of them are radiant. Along the way, we have laughter, sing, tell jokes, tell stories, I remember most clearly is that our financial department of the President to explain to us about tax issues, everyone a laugh. Foot of the mountain, we rushed photo, which is in Kim Chang Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the memories. Began to climb, we are wreathed in smiles, the first few days of gray skies, sunny today, especially, is our staff's smile melted it.

Along Hill Road, we are singing, holding hands, not when to encourage the others: fuel oil.
Peak of the beautiful scenery, people felt a broad mind, we looked at the beautiful scenery, away.
As the climb, we at Kim Chang this family, growth day by day, a day's work, a day of oil.
We are a beautiful and dynamic team.